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Submission Process

The scheduled conference provides Authors with the ability to upload their submission directly to the scheduled conference. If the Conference Manager has enabled a viable submissions window in the Conference Timeline and has configured submission types in Scheduled Conference Setup Step 2.1, clicking on the role of Author will take users to their submissions page, where a list of current and past submissions are listed, and where a new submission to the journal can be initiated. If the submissions time window is closed, Authors will see on that page that submissions are not currently being accepted.

The submission process for Authors is broken down into a possible five steps, with guidance provided at each step. Depending on the configuration options set in Scheduled Conference Setup 2.1, Authors may only have to submit an abstract; a presentation without an abstract; an abstract and a presentation together; or an abstract with a paper to follow if the abstract is accepted. Authors do not need to complete the steps in one session, but can return to what will be listed as on the submissions table as "Incomplete".