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Conference Managment

The Conference Manager role breaks down into three main administrative tasks, all available from the Conference Management page from their User Home:

  1. Set up the hosted conference website. From the Conference Management page the Conference Manager should first visit the Website Management page and follow the six steps to a conference website. The Conference Manager should then establish a scheduled conference by visiting the Scheduled Conferences page. See General Management for a detailed breakdown.
  2. Set up the scheduled conference. After the Conference Manager has established a scheduled conference, the conference name will appear on their Conference Management page, along with a list of configuration pages, under the Current Conferences heading. The Conference Manager should first visit the Setup page and follow the three steps to a scheduled conference, and then visit the rest of the Current Conferences pages in turn. For more information, see Current Conferences.
  3. Administer users. The Conference Manager can register new users for with the system and assign them roles specific to their hosted conference, and can enroll already-created users with their hosted conference. See Users and Roles for more information on each.