Довідка по Open Conference Systems

Editorial Process

The Editorial Process for a conference submission consists of three steps: the initial submission, which moves to review, and then to editing.

If a presentation is submitted to a track with no assigned Track Directors, it appears in the Director's Unassigned queue, and must be assigned to a Track Director or Director to move to the Review queue. If the track does have a Track Director assigned to it, the submission will appear in the Review queue with that Track Director automatically assigned.

Once the peer review process is complete, the Track Director must make one of the following decisions: to accept the submission, at which point the Complete button can also be clicked (this will move the presentation into the Presentations list under the Conference Information listing, and will allow the presentation to be scheduled); to request revisions, whereby the Author must upload a new version of the submission (and, optionally, the submission can enter another round of review); or to decline the submission, after which point the Track Director should also archive the submission to remove it from the active queues completely. This review process can occur for both an abstract or a presentation, or both, depending on the scheduled conference setup.

The Track Director can also create, edit and upload one or more galley files to appear on the conference website.