КОНФЕРЕНЦІЇ ВНТУ електронні наукові видання, Наукові проблеми державотворення України (2017)

Розмір шрифта: 
Internationalization of Higher Education in Ukraine
Ліана Вікторівна Варчук

Остання редакція: 2017-10-31


The paper highlights intercultural cooperation increasing due to the international integration and globalization in recent years. Students play an active role in this process as they have different practices abroad. Today in Ukraine one of the significant tasks is to create the theoretical and practical basis for training of students for intercultural communication and cooperation. The knowledge of foreign languages helps the students of different specialties to promote their mobility and international competences. Learning a foreign language in higher education establishments has a cultural sense, because a future specialist who knows a foreign language has to perform professional activities on the international level.

Ключові слова

Intercultural cooperation, integration, globalization, training of students, higher education.

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