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OCS Help

The online help for Open Conference Systems (OCS) is designed to assist users in the process of managing an entire conference - creating a conference web site, arranging times and locations for conference presentations and events, submitting, reviewing and posting conference papers, registering attendees, and indexing and sharing the resulting proceedings. It is also intended to serve as a manual for OCS that describes the scope and workflow of the software. This help document also provides editorial advice on common practices in scholarly conference publishing. In addition to this help document, users can contact the conference's technical support, which is listed under People on the About the Conference page.

Because OCS employs designated roles for particular tasks of a certain phase — from the Conference Manager who establishes the scheduled conference to the Author who uploads the presentation materials — each topic covered in this help document refers to each role performing each task. Online help is context-dependent: what one views depends on one's role, and where they are in the system.

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